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Cutting sterotypes scince 2003

We are always happy to face the challenge

Honestly. From the very beginning, our company was proving efficeincy of new technologies in demolition business. Dimond cutting and diamond drilling set the base for our development in 2003. Majority of customers could hardly believe that reinforced concrete could be cut with high accuracy, fast and with no cracks.


Later with pile heads breaker we imressed customers once again. Suddenly breaking 250 pile heads per shift, instead of 25 - 30 became easy and affordable. With undamaged rebars and solid structure of pile that was quite a breakthrough in efficiency.


Today we are the only company in the market, providing concrete hydrodemolition services. Water pervades pores in concrete, creates exessive pressure and breaks concrete with no cracs or vibration.


Our pleasure to serve You.


TERMITE company provides wide variety of demolition services:


  • Diamond drilling

  • Diamond blade sawing

  • Diamond wire sawing

  • Building and structure demolition

  • Rock demolition

  • Concrete hydrodemolition

  • Concrete polishing

  • Chemical anchors installation



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